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A Phone To Kill For

The last thing fun-loving insurance agent Charlie Smythington worries about is death. He’s too busy making a living and enjoying Portland’s social scene.
But when Charlie goes on a routine sales call to help Sonya Weyman get business insurance, they go out for a drink and fall in love. Then they discover Sonja’s murdered ex-husband’s body in her house, and his cell phone is missing.

From that moment, ruthless killers attack Sonja and Charlie, try to abduct her, and pursue them day and night to get the murdered man’s cell phone. From there, things only get worse. 

When the police and FBI can’t stop it, Charlie asks some of his insurance clients to use their unique talents to help.

To escape the violence, they visit Sonja’s friend, Summer, at the Oregon beach. Along the way, they drive into a murder being committed and save the life of billionaire MT Day, Summer’s father.

Suddenly, the killers attack Sonja, MT, and Summer, causing many deaths. To save everyone’s life, Charlie must find who is behind the attacks and if the cell phone is the key.

A Phone to Kill For is a fun, romantic mystery thriller in Portland, Beaverton, Lincoln City, and Neskowin, Oregon. A fast, fun read with unexpected twists at every turn.