Welcome to Sync Publishing!

So many books. Why should we publish more? Hasn’t it all been said before?
Books are very personal things – ideas from a writer’s mind. Since every mind is unique, stories are distinctive, told in the author’s voice, and show us the world according to their point of view.

Sync Publishing wants to provide a way for writers to tell their story. We want to showcase stories where realistic people survive ordeals, learn to grow, and discover their place in the world. The more versions of how people courageously conquer the unknown, the more likely someone will find a story that will help them live, thrive, and enjoy life.

That may sound like we are expecting too much from literature. We are firm believers that art not only imitates life, but it also inspires, educates, demonstrates, and motivates people to live. At least, the stories we publish do that.

There is so much horror, violence, sadness, meanness, hatred, ignorance, irrationality, and stupidity in the world that we want to show people a way through the bad times to find love, respect, value, and generosity. We want to show a life that resonates with us.

At Sync Publishing, we want stories about everyday people like you and me. No superheroes, arch villains, monsters, horror, or ultimate evil. We want to showcase reality (that’s bad enough). We know that there are bad people in the world, and they do horrible things, but we don’t want to focus on the badness. We want to focus on how people deal with whatever happens and find a way to live life anyway. 


So, if you write stories about good people doing what they should do for the benefit of everyone, including themselves and their loved ones, then we want to hear your story.

We publish novels – at the moment, mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction – but we want to publish good stories in whatever genre. Send us an email at info@syncpublishing.com and attach a three-page synopsis of your story and the first three chapters of your novel. We will do our best to respond as soon as we are able.

Again, thanks for visiting our website! Check out our blog and novel pages!