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Mind Control

The Mind Control technology is coming, and every world power wants it.

Last year, Charlie Smythington became the insurance agent for two of Oregon’s largest companies, MT Day’s Atlan Sports, the world’s largest sports apparel company, and Cognigate Inc., developer of a top-secret mind control technology.

While exploring his love life with Sonja Weyman, Charlie receives an urgent late-night call from her father, venture capitalist Steven Gadweils. The brilliant inventor of Cognigate’s mind control technology, George Murdock, is dead in his cleanroom lab behind six levels of security.

MT and Steven have invested millions in Cognigate and want Charlie to prevent further deaths and save Cognigate. In the strange world of cleanroom microtechnology, Charlie discovers that George’s death could be natural, accidental, or his invention. There are no weapons, intruders, or other people, yet the security video shows that George died horribly.

When Charlie starts unraveling the clues, he is relentlessly attacked. When the police and FBI cannot stop the violence, Charlie turns to his greatest resource to find the answers – his numerous clients.

In a breathless race against time, Charlie matches wits with seemingly pervasive adversaries who are determined to get Mind Control at any cost.

With a captivating blend of romance, adventure, scientific intrigue, and analytic techniques, Charlie Smythington is the most refreshing new sleuth in decades. His sales abilities, dogged persistence, and inherent curiosity combine to make him both a fun-loving insurance agent and a dynamic detective.

A mandatory read for all!

“Mind Control is a fun blend of mystery, near-future science, and high-tech puzzle, populated by sympathetic characters doing the right thing. Refreshing!” John E Stith, author of Pushback, Manhattan Transfer, and other novels.

A scientist is found dead. The questions begin to multiply as the potential suspects are eliminated one by one. As bullets fly, the tension builds as Charlie races to find the person responsible. Mind Control keeps you guessing to the very end. Cathy DeVault

This book has hearts and brains, romance, and a turreted castle, with a fascinating science fiction thread running through it. Set in the Pacific Northwest, this fast, exciting novel is enlivened by first-rate detecting and fast-paced action. Highly recommended beach read. Harriet Bing

He’s done it again! Paul Hillman has created a second action-packed, surprise-filled book in The Charlie Smythington Series. Charlie is a super sleuth who even finds himself in the middle of gun battles! Not a dull moment in this book! Gene Knudson